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Waste-to-product Technology

An Eco-Industrial Transformation

Infrastructure innovation takes center stage in Fillmore Utah. Learn more about the innovations we are making with recycled products for a sustainable future.

Shaping a Sustainable Planet

With State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Valley Forge Impact Parks, emerging nation-wide in Federally Designated Opportunity Zones, are the new Platinum Standard for Big Business/Hyperscaler/Mega Power Consumers. Featuring mega-scale redundant/renewable energy production, VFI Parks are home to some the most eco-friendly, innovative manufacturers focused on IMPACT while simultaneously leveraging a unique tax environment for the most aggressive economic structure.

1.75 M
Reductions of Landfill Mass

Municipal Solid Waste is Disposed in Landfills

3.4 B

Tons of Municipal Solid Waste to be Generated by 2050

Renewable Energy & Products

Pioneers focused on Impact

Data Centers

Our state-of-the-art data centers are at the forefront of clean infrastructure products. As we deliver on the promise of renewable energy production and storage, our commitment to a greener future is unwavering.

Renewable Energy Production

Our commitment is to reverse Carbon Emissions by capitalizing on businesses that are at the forefront of renewable energy production.

Waste Upcycling

Groundbreaking technologies & processes that dramatically reduce landfill mass, transforming waste into valuable, eco-friendly resources.

Advanced Material Manufacturing

Eco-friendly alternatives to traditional infrastructure materials like railroad ties, utility poles, and marine pilings. These sustainable products are designed to last over 50 years and have many environmental benefits.

Our Tenants

Global Industry Connections

Utah Inland Port Authority

Utah is perfectly positioned both geographically and economically to benefit greatly through the expansion of worldwide and regional logistics solutions and related industries. Valley Forge Impact Parks is working to bring partners together to help move Utah forward.

We serve our community

Our mission is to innovate renewable products that help make the world a better place for our communities.

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Veteran Commitment

We are committed to providing opportunity for Americas servicemen and servicewomen.

Staying true to Fillmore

We are committed to preserving the history of Fillmore that is loved so much by it’s community.

Valley Forge Partners

The Advisory Team

Our esteemed board members are committed to creating a cleaner and more sustainable world through our innovative clean infrastructure products. With their expertise and dedication, Valley Forge Impact Parks is paving the way for renewable energy production and storage.

Valley Forge represents the dawn of a new era in manufacturing – one where every product we create contributes to a healthier, more sustainable world. Our mission is clear, we’re in the business of turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s assets. We’re not just part of this industry, we’re leading its evolution!

— Wayne Aston

— Wayne Aston

Partner | CEO

Our Partners

Home to the Largest Energy Producers

Valley Forge Impact Parks, is emerging nation-wide in Federally Designated Opportunity Zones, and is the new Platinum Standard for Big Business/Hyperscaler/Mega Power Consumers.

About Fillmore Utah

Fillmore’s Future Forged in Innovation

We are committed to preserving the history of Fillmore that is beloved by its residents. Our mission is to maintain the historical significance of Fillmore while ensuring the happiness and well-being of the community.

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