About Fillmore

We are committed to preserving the history of Fillmore that is beloved by its residents. Our mission is to maintain the historical significance of Fillmore while ensuring the happiness and well-being of the community.

In Tribute to

Historic Fillmore

Nurtured on the very land that witnessed the dawn of Fillmore as Utah’s original seat of government, the Valley Forge Impact Park (VFIP) is a tribute to the early pioneers—bold individuals who broke new ground and laid the foundations for leadership and ingenuity. Our initiative aims to write a new chapter in Fillmore’s storied legacy, positioning it once more as a capital, but this time of purpose-driven innovation and sustainability.

A historic gem, bridging Utah’s past and future

Fillmore, situated in the heart of Utah, lies 148 miles to the south of Salt Lake City and 162 miles to the north of St. George. It is often referred to as the state of Utah’s final frontier for development. The town received its name through a decree from the Utah Territorial Legislature, endorsed by Brigham Young in 1851, in tribute to President Millard Fillmore. At one point, Fillmore served as the territorial capital of Utah. Today, the original Statehouse remains as the state’s most ancient governmental building, preserved as a historic site and museum by the State of Utah.

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