Our Commitment to United States Veterans

Valley Forge Impact Parks is a US Veteran owned company. We are committed to providing opportunity for Americas servicemen and servicewomen.

Our Commitment

Warriors Pride

Valley Forge Impact Parks is a US Veteran Owned Company and is committed to providing an elevated level of opportunity for Americas servicemen and servicewomen. We honor the commitment, and sacrifices that these incredible men and women have made with their service in various branches of the US Military. We do not feel like Veterans have access to programs, incentives or opportunities that are commensurate to the service they rendered in most cases.

The MISSION of the Warriors Pride program is to reduce Veteran Suicide

We know that there are myriad causalities that lead Veterans to suicide and the ripple effects that has on their families which can also manifest with suicide in teens and spouses. We feel responsible as Veteran Business Owners, much like a Pride of Lions, to look after our own. We have deep love and gratitude for our brother and sister Veterans, we have serious concern for their mental, physical and emotional health, wellbeing and the that of their families.

Most of the drivers to depression and suicide are avoidable

We acknowledge that this isn’t a basic issue of PTSD untreated. We are sensitive to the facts that we are dealing with clinical depression, lethargy, guilt, shame, substance abuse, domestic violence, childhood trauma, PTSD, Family Health, missing sense of Purpose, mental health disorders, physical health disorders, improper medical attention (focused on reactive theory, rather than preventative and optimization methodologies), lack of adequate employment opportunities.

Our Program

What is Warriors Pride?

Developed by our Founders including CEO Wayne M. Aston, 5 yrs. USMC 0331 reserves and 5 yrs. 145th Field Artillery Battalion UTARNG. Warriors Pride is our commitment in action and word to provide the highest level of service possible to show our gratitude and honor for Americas Fighting Pride.

The program is designed to meet as many of the suicide driver issues as possible and resolve the issues through means we can provide, namely:

Provide Elite Level Work Opportunities
Valley Forge Impact Parks is committed to paying more than 15% higher wages to its US Veterans working for the Company, than market averages. Career/Position advancements are expedited and prioritized for Warriors Pride members provided that they can meet key KPIs, much like rank advancements. Being empowered to provide for Family the basics and a comfortable means of living is CRITICAL.
Provide Elite Level Medical & Dental Benefits
We have worked hard to create an ala carte insurance program that can be tailored to each individual, getting very tactical about where we spend Dollars. We are committed as a major employer to paying for the things that our employees value the most, and not wasting money on programming that is often overlooked or neglected within more traditional insurance programming. Our mentality is unorthodox, in that we are committed to preventative healthcare, and taking it a step further into traditionally non-insurable offerings, that are considered “optimization” methodologies, such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Therapy (HCG), and other advanced and proven offerings. We are providing an environment where each patient can develop a relationship with their PCP Primary Care Physician, who are of our own military backgrounds and participating. We can provide advanced screenings, and blood labs on a regular schedule biannually to closely monitor the overall health and efficacy of the optimization and preventative treatments our PCPs are prescribing. Feeling well and healthy is CRITICAL.
Provide Elite Continuing Education
We are developing educational trainings beyond the vocational job scope related trainings that can be enjoyed free of cost as an additional benefit to our Warriors Pride members. Programming includes courses on areas including; Real Estate Investing 101, Advanced Real Estate Investing and Development, Crypto Currency Investing, Money Management and Advanced Money Management & Estate Structuring, Entrepreneurship and Business Start Ups, Nutrition as Lifestyle, Advanced Self Defense (Krav Maga & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Tactical Range Trainings, Covert Operations Trainings, Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations, Advanced Self Development, Overcoming Addiction, Family Life Skills. We want our valued Veterans to feel empowered to have the opportunity to expand themselves and become the highest version of themselves. This should not come at the expense of necessity for making a wage. We encourage our workforce to learn what they can while under our employ, and then have the skills and confidence to go out and make their own run at life if they choose to become Entrepreneurs. We are an Incubator for US Veteran Entrepreneurs. Opportunity for Self Realization is CRITICAL.
Provide Elite Work Environments
Our manufacturing facilities, traditionally referred to as “plants” or “factories” are not status quo facilities. We are developing our unique facilities with our valued workforce in mind. Experience Economy does not only apply to the Hospitality Sector. Our facilities feature gourmet kitchens and cafeterias that are more like restaurants, we have elite strength and training facilities and locker rooms, we have life coaches on staff, and meditation rooms, we have gourmet Baristas, and we are programming KPI perks programming like mobile car wash svcs and barber/salon care svcs. We want our workforce to LOVE where they work, and their environments are CRITICAL.
Provide Opportunity to Reinstall Purpose
In partnership with the Divine Providence Foundation and other charitable organizations, we are committed to eradicating human trafficking. We feel strongly that a key factor for overcoming depression and many of the other negative contributors is outward focus. When we focus on helping others our own problems become less significant in our minds. Our Servicemen and Women, have special skills and training, and we want to provide continuous opportunity to utilize these valuable skillsets. We are making opportunities for our workforce to volunteer their time and energy participating in covert child rescues in coordination with law enforcement and their critical aftercare programming. These rescue missions require certain type of individuals who want to make an impact on humanity. Beyond direct involvement in operations and aftercare, there are many indirect opportunities to donate money and time to raising awareness, attending events, and holding fundraisers. We understand that a having a strong sense of Purpose is CRITICAL.

The ONLY thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing.

— Wayne Aston

— Wayne Aston

Partner | CEO

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