Military Installation Development Authority

MIDA exemplifies a successful model of public-private partnership, leveraging military assets to drive economic growth and support community development in Utah.
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Economic Development

MIDA Overview

The Military Installation Development Authority (MIDA) is a distinctive entity established by the State of Utah in 2007. Its primary mission is to foster economic development and support military initiatives through collaboration with the military, private sector, and local governments. Over its 15-year history, MIDA has been instrumental in developing significant projects such as the Falcon Hill Aerospace Research Park at Hill Air Force Base and the Military Recreation Area in Wasatch County, Utah, marking them as the largest economic development projects in the state.


Our Impact

Establishment and Purpose

MIDA was created to enhance economic development around military installations, working closely with various stakeholders to achieve this goal.

Major Projects

Falcon Hill Aerospace Research Park: A landmark development at Hill Air Force Base that combines aerospace research and development facilities with commercial ventures.

Military Recreation Area in Wasatch County: A project aimed at providing recreational facilities and services to military personnel and their families, enhancing their quality of life.

Economic Impact

Through these projects, MIDA has significantly contributed to Utah’s economy by creating new jobs and constructing new facilities for the Air Force, among other achievements.

Recent Initiatives

MIDA has continued to expand its project areas, including the adoption of the Sundance Project Area Plan, which aims to support wounded veterans at the Sundance Mountain Resort.

Our Partners

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