Utah Inland Port Authority

The UIPA is dedicated to the creation of long-term economic growth, global industry connections, and empowerment across Utah.
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Global Industry Connections

About UIPA

The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) is dedicated to pioneering and implementing strategic, sustainable logistics-backed economic solutions to enhance the lives of Utah residents and establish Utah as a global industry connector. As a leading creator of future-focused economic development, UIPA is transforming economies and communities across the state through innovative logistics practices. Their mission is to move Utah forward by transforming it through multi-generational, logistics-based economic solutions. UIPA’s vision is built on collaboration, accountability, sustainability, respect, and innovation.

Utah Inland Port Authority

Services Offered

Economic Development

UIPA focuses on developing and optimizing economic project areas and logistics-based infrastructure to maximize long-term economic benefits in Utah.

Innovative Logistics Practices

They implement strategic logistics solutions to enhance economic development and connect Utah to global industry networks.

Governance and Accountability

Governed by a Board of Directors comprising representatives from various governmental entities and industry experts, UIPA emphasizes transparency and accountability in its operations. The board meets quarterly to set policies, monitor progress, and approve potential project areas and loans.

Community Engagement

UIPA is committed to engaging with local communities, reporting progress and performance regularly, and providing opportunities for stakeholder input to encourage public and private participation.

We brings tools at our disposal that help plug in and help support the vision and the leadership provided by local elected officials. Everything we do will be at the direction and in partnership with local officials

— Miles Hansen

— Miles Hansen

UIPA Board Chair

Our Partners

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